Monthly Recap: July 2019

Phew. Guys, I made it through July. Honestly there were moments when I didn’t think I would being that it was an incredibly busy, stressful month.

I told you all a little bit about it last month, and this month’s post is going to be similarly short and sweet. But despite the stress of starting a new job (which I am loving despite the major routine changes), balancing my health, and finding a new house (I move in two weeks), I was able to rise above, prioritize and get back on track with my most important goals.

As you’ll see, one goal that fell by the wayside was reading and blogging may likely follow in the coming months. But I still have a great book for you guys today and an update on The Blood Between Us revisions.

What I Read

GRAND TOTAL: 1 (womp womp)

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

A Darker Shade final for Irene

What I Wrote

I wasn’t able to get as much done on revisions for TBBU, but I did make a solid start once I was able to work it back into my schedule. As you know my biggest goal is cutting words, and I’m happy with my progress thus far. 3,500 words in six chapters is pretty good. If I can keep that up, I should be able to meet my goal.

I’ve also been really focused on the beginning – a few beta readers mentioned they weren’t truly hooked until Chapter Ten or so which is far too late – so I’ve been spending more time than usually really trying to nail the opening chapters. I think it’s working so far. Time will tell.

In other book news, I also was struck with inspiration for a new romance novel – but one project at a time.

Coming Up

August is moving month! Which means lots of packing, cleaning, unpacking, organizing… Not to mention the actual moving. I am hoping I can keep up with my goals, but again, time will tell. I am still trying to give myself some grace, but that’s proven difficult with the Pitch Wars submission date looming.

Like last month, I am not going to set any hard and fast goals here. Just to keep trucking and fit in as I can. But I’d love all your prayers, thoughts and good mojo that I can knock these revisions out of the park!

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