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Dani Anderson is a lawyer head to toe, inside and out. So when a new case – and the promise of becoming partner – lands in her lap, she jumps at the chance to prove herself yet again. Known for representing those who can’t help themselves, Dani is approached by the Brantley family whose teenage daughter, Abigail, was wrongfully expelled from the elite Nashville Academy after a manipulative affair with her thirty-five year old teacher.

The Brantleys are out to save their daughter’s future, and Dani is determined to help even as memories and figures from her own traumatic past come back to threaten her carefully cultivated and controlled life.

700 MAIN

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Brie moves to a historic home small town Texas to escape her violent husband, hide her young daughter and finally fulfill her dreams of opening a restaurant. Trouble is, Rebecca was murdered there in 1888 – and doesn’t want to share. 

To succeed, Brie must endure Rebecca’s hostile attempts to run her off, battle the historical society who opposes her renovations, and resist the attraction she feels for her grumpy yet attractive contractor. And with the date of her ex-husband’s release looming, Brie must fight for the new life she’s built before he returns to drag her back.