Jake Elliot is in his own personal hell—watching the woman he loves accept another man’s proposal on national television. Two months have passed since filming the reality dating show, The One, but he still can’t seem to get his life back on track. And when star Presley Sloan goes live after the finale to announce she’s ended her engagement and wants Jake back, his barely healed heart rips wide open again.

Life hasn’t been easy for perfectionist Presley since filming ended -navigating a media storm, newfound fame and a horde of haters. But after a painful discovery that production manipulated her into choosing the wrong man, she’s desperate to prove to Jake that he isn’t – and never was – her second choice.

Good thing her new interior design project needs someone like Jake – a stellar woodworker – and working side by side may just help them find their way back to each other. But broken hearts don’t heal overnight, and between the scrutiny of paparazzi, the pressure from fans and the looming announcement of next season’s star, Presley has her work cut out for her.

The question is: Can Presley and Jake overcome their baggage and recreate what they found on The One? Or will reality tear them apart?


Jessa Dubray may spend her days as a French Quarter fortune teller, but that doesn’t mean she believes in magic.

At least not until she stumbles upon the funeral of the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, and is overwhelmed by outbursts of unpredictable magic. The same magic that killed her mother and reveals Jessa is the missing descendant of the infamous witch Marie Laveau.

Problem is? Jessa wants nothing to do with the coven that now claims her or the magic that destroyed her family. But if she doesn’t accept her legacy as Queen, the witches will lose their connection to the ancestors who protect the city from supernatural interference. Desperate to rid herself of her deadly power, Jessa strikes a deal with her aunt Ghislaine, the coven’s interim Queen: Jessa will surrender her magic to the ancestors if she can abdicate. But as Jessa learns to harness her magic in preparation for the transfer ritual, she discovers that Ghislaine has corrupted the coven and partnered with the Voodoo God of War for the promise of money and power. Now, in order to protect her people and the city she’s come to love, Jessa must defeat Ghislaine to take her rightful place as Queen.

700 MAIN

700 Main (1).png

After her abusive husband – and Nashville’s beloved captain of police – is sentenced to only eleven months in prison, Brie Foster flees with her young daughter to small-town Texas, determined to rebuild their lives and fulfill her dream of opening a restaurant.

But when Brie arrives in Marble Falls, she discovers that not only is the historic home she purchased in disrepair, it’s haunted by the ghost of a young woman, Rebecca, who was murdered in 1888. To succeed, Brie must endure Rebecca’s hostile attempts to run her off, battle the historical society who opposes her renovations, and resist the attraction she feels for her grumpy yet attractive contractor. And with the date of her ex-husband’s release looming, Brie must fight for the new life she’s built before he returns to drag her back.

700 Main draws from my family’s experience of renovating a haunted and historic house into a restaurant in Marble Falls, Texas. I grew up with the clinking of glasses and the smells of garlic wafting upstairs to my playroom where a local legend supposedly killed herself one hundred years prior. Combined with the rich history of Texas hill country, my novel is set in the very same town and house where I first discovered Rebecca’s ghost story fifteen years ago.


Dani Anderson is a lawyer inside and out. She wakes at five to run, works a fourteen-hour-day, tucks herself into bed with a case file, a dirty martini and an Ambien, and repeats. She has no interest in dating, no interest in a social or family life. She takes all that energy and throws it into her career instead. It’s easier that way. 

So when a new case – and the promise of becoming partner – lands in her lap, she jumps at the chance to prove herself yet again. Known for representing those who can’t help themselves, Dani is approached by the Brantley family whose teenage daughter, Abigail, was wrongfully expelled from the elite Nashville Academy after a manipulative affair with her thirty-five year old teacher. The Brantleys are out to save their daughter’s future, and Dani is determined to help even as memories and figures from her own traumatic past come back to threaten her carefully cultivated and controlled life. 

STATE OF GRACE combines the thrill of the courtroom with the emotional backstory of a woman who fought through the impacts of mental illness, the consequences of abandonment, and the perils of private school to become successful. But success isn’t always enough, and as Dani begins to let her guard down, she learns that life needs a little forgiveness, a little love, and a little grace.