Editorial Services

“I’d been querying and revising my novel Backwater for several months, but something still wasn’t quite there yet. After Tauri and I traded manuscripts, she recognized that the existing plot wasn’t driving the story forward. I worked to find that new plot, and Tauri helped me shape it into something believable and compelling. Once my rewrite was complete, I had an agent offer within days.”

– Kate Boudreaux Strawther, Author of Backwater, Represented by Lane Heymont at of the Tobias Literary Agency


Based on the age groups in which I have the most experience – editing, writing, and reading – I only edit YA and adult fiction. Beyond that, I am not limited by genre, although my favorites are fantasy, romance, thriller and women’s fiction.

“Tauri’s insights into my query and synopsis gave me the focus I couldn’t find on my own. She clarified conflicts and drew connections between my subplots that better represented the story I am trying to tell. It’s so difficult, as writers, to take our 80,000-100,000 word novel and condense it into a short query or synopsis—we are too close to the work to see it clearly. Tauri has the skill as a writer AND reader to accomplish this!”

– Bradeigh Godfrey, Writer and Blogger


  • I earned a Bachelor’s degree in English with minors in Rhetoric and Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin
  • I am editorial intern at Entangled Publishing.
  • I was a fiction editor for the award-winning Hothouse Literary Magazine.
  • I manage public relations and editorial in North America for a billion dollar company.
  • I have beta read and critiqued for several aspiring authors, two of which have gone on to self-publish with success and others who are now represented by their dream agent.

“After receiving multiple agent requests for my manuscript but ultimately no bites, I needed to figure out why my story was falling flat. Tauri saw immediately that it was a structural issue. I used flashbacks too extensively in the beginning and did not focus enough on the present plot, which led to problems with tension and a lack of clear stakes for the main character. Her detailed notes on my first few chapters jump-started my rewrite and led to a much stronger novel overall.”

– Taylor Hobbs, Blogger and Writer


Query Letter: $25
Includes in-depth edits for content clarification, spark, grammar and formatting. Two passes.

Synopsis: $40
Includes in-depth edits for content clarification and style with the goal of getting your synopsis to a single page. Two passes.

Submission Package: $100
Includes in-depth feedback and edits on your query letter, 1-2 page synopsis, and first chapter (up to 5k) to get your novel ready to submit.

Aesthetic Creation: $20
Includes a 5-10 minutes interview on plot, characters and theme plus a deliverable aesthetic. See my Books page for examples.

Reader Report: $500 for manuscripts up to 100,000 words
Includes a thorough read of your manuscript and a 3-5 page report including actionable feedback on your plot, pacing, characters, setting, world build, etc. This does not include line-by-line editing, but I will cite specific examples from your novel. Perfect for more experienced writers who are confident about their writing but feel there may be something missing or problematic within their story.

Copy and Line Edit: $.01 cents per word (ex. 75K manuscript = $750)
Includes line by line edits within the document on style, sentence structure and variety, word choice, and consistency. The final step in the editing process, optimal for writers who have already self-edited the story and are looking to clean up the language.

Full Developmental Edit: $.015 per word (ex. 75K manuscript = $1125)
Includes an edit letter discussing the strengths and weaknesses in your manuscript plus detailed line edits and developmental notes within the document on plot conflict, character development, pacing, style etc. Ideal for newer writers who feel the need for more in-depth critique and specific revision advice.

The Whole Package: Includes copy and developmental edits on your full manuscript, a detailed reader report, two query passes, and two synopsis passes. Please contact for pricing; depends on length of manuscript.

If you have questions or would like to schedule any services, please contact me via this page. All payments are made in advance through PayPal.