7 Apps Every Writer Should Download Now

When I picture someone writing, I tend to romanticize it a bit. I envision an old typewriter, beautiful handwriting, a secluded villa with no internet access to distract you or anyone around to bother you.

As we know, that’s usually not the case. The reality is often whatever device you can manage to type the quickest and bring around with you as well as endless amount of entertainment and Twitter posts to procrastinate with.

But technology isn’t always a nuisance. In fact, there are several technological tools created specifically to make a writer’s job easier.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular writing apps that you’ll want to download immediately:

#1 – Scrivener

Did you know everyone’s favorite writing software can also be accessed via iPad and iPhone? It’s perfect for writing on the go and not having to lug a laptop, eight binders and three reference books along with you.

#2 – Grammarly

grammarlyGrammar not your strong suit? Copy and paste the sentence, paragraph or even chapter in question into their app, and it will flag grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation, misused and misspelled words.

#3 – Lists for Writers

lists for writersSometimes a character or scene can come to your mind fully formed with every tiny detail in place. Oftentimes, it doesn’t though. And it can be a huge sticking point when you just can’t think of the perfect name, color or verb. Lists for Writers has literally everything you could imagine to help find the word you’re looking for. How cool is that?!


#4 – Dragon Anywhere

dragonSome of my best writing ideas and passage come to me at the most inconvenient times. But with speech-to-text dictation, now you can still be writing while doing the dishes, driving, etc.


#5 – Mindnode

mindnodeI am a very visual learner, and being able to map a brand new idea, a plot hole, or even a character’s arc is hugely helpful with my process and with conquering writer’s block. Not only can MindNode help you brainstorm and organize, you can even share mindmaps with your critique partners!

#6 – Freedom

freedomHow often do you find yourself checking your email or Twitter notifications while you are writing? Because I do it a lot. Apps like Freedom can block certain websites, applications or even the entire Internet for a certain amount of time, leaving you to write with zero distractions.

#7 – Coffitivity

coffitivitySome people can work in absolute silence, but it totally unnerves. And sometimes music can be a little too much. This app has the perfect solution – the ambient sounds of a cafe to provide just enough background noise without distraction.

Did I miss your favorite writing app? Try one of these and have some feedback? Let me know in the comments!

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