8 fictional characters you’ll want as your best friend

Last month, I had a guest on the blog to discuss our favorite book boyfriends, and it was so much fun that I just had to do it again.

Sometimes it’s hard to find people we click with – whether romantically or platonically – and it’s even harder to grow those relationships into something truly meaningful.  But as always, books trump real life, and there are some pretty stellar examples of true and strong friendships. So much so that we wish some were real!

So today, I am welcoming my fabulous critique partner and friend Devon Harry to talk about fictional characters we’d want as best friends in real life and what our perfect Friday night activity might be.

Tauri’s Pick: Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series

This choice should shock absolutely no one considering I am compared to this particular with on an almost daily basis. Brainy but bossy. Brave but a rule follower. Loyal but rational. Sounds like me, doesn’t it? But while Hermione may be no-nonsense, she’s knows what’s most important. And that’s something everyone needs.


Plus, let’s be honest. Harry would’ve died way sooner – and never have defeated Voldemort – if it wasn’t for Hermione.

Friday Night: Given our mutual love of books, we’d hole up in a cozy corner in the Hogwarts library and discuss our favorite novels, argue academic theories and practice difficult spells.

Devon’s Pick: Mira from The Glittering Court series

If you haven’t read Richelle Mead’s series, you should definitely check it out! It follows three girls: Adelaide, Mira, and Tamsin as they enter The Glittering Court – a business that deals with taking low-class girls and training them to be high-class ones in preparation for marriage. Of course, each girl gets involved in her own drama throughout each novel!

Mira is shown to be headstrong, loyal, and generally quiet. She acts as a perfect middle-woman between Adelaide and Tamsin – and her mediator-like nature and ability to listen is something I strive for in a friendship. I need to vent a lot!

Friday Night: Honestly I can’t imagine doing anything else on a Friday night other than staying in with Mira. As she’s not very interested in marriage, I don’t imagine the party scene in her interest! (Or mine!). A night on the couch sipping wine and watching TV would be great!

Tauri’s Pick: Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings 

Dear Sam, you’re too pure for this world. From the moment he insisted on accompanying Frodo to the final showdown when he helps Frodo finally destroy the ring (and everything in between). No matter what Frodo needs, Sam does it. He is dedicated to making his friend laugh when he’s sad, motivating him when he’s hopeless and even volunteers to take the ring for Frodo when he sees it weighing on him. He’s the most selfless and loyal friend a hobbit can have.


Friday Night: We’d grab a few pints at The Green Dragon and I’d hit Sam up for one of his amazing motivational speeches which would inspire me to take on the world!

Devon’s Pick: Jo March from Little Women

From the classic Louisa May Alcott novel, Jo is brave, independent, and a free-thinker. Her boyish nature and desire to break free from the conformity and societal standards of being a woman would make her a great book best friend.

Friday Night: This one is a little harder! As a fellow writer, I could just imagine Jo and I exchanging stories and ideas! We’d not only be friends, but critique partners as well!

Tauri’s Pick: Winnie the Pooh 

I don’t think any friend could be better than this lovable old bear. I grew up reading his adventures with Christopher Robin and friends and always wanted to be a part of their crew. Pooh is funny, sweet, and absolutely dedicated to his friends.

Friday Night: Storytime, honey sandwiches and an epic tea party in the Hundred Acre Woods.

Devon’s Pick: Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter Series

We should all know who this Ravenclaw is! Luna’s quirky nature and honesty is everything I look for in a best friend. I need a friend who can make me laugh, be honest with me, and lend a shoulder to cry on when I need it – and I think Luna fits every one of those categories. Her loyalty, kindness, and “strange” personality are exactly what I’m attracted to when trying to build a friendship with someone!


Friday Night: The perfect Friday night out with Luna would be best spent going to Hogsmeade, sipping Butterbeer, and obsessing over The Quibbler.

Tauri’s Pick: Lysandra from Queen of Shadows

If you haven’t noticed yet, loyalty is a crucial quality in my friend’s. And this former courtesan turned shapeshifting warrior and Lady of Terrasen is one of the best in that regard. Not only is she highly entertaining and beautiful, she has one of the best hearts despite her rough past. And once Aelin decides to help her, Lysandra is willing to risk her own life to fight for a better future. Sounds like a pretty good best friend to me. Plus how fun would it be to have a friend who can turn into a ghost leopard?

Friday Night: An adventure would definitely be in store! Whether it’s flying over the mountains on her wyvern back or hanging out by the ocean with her sea dragon form, we’d definitely get into some trouble. Then finish the night off with a drink, discussing the silly Fae males in our lives.

Devon’s Pick: Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries

So I’m technically cheating, as I absolutely love Caroline from the TV show, but I can’t help it! I love everything about Caroline and I could just imagine us being glued at the hip! She’s loyal, smart, funny, dependable, and cares deeply about her friends!


Friday Night: A sleepover. Popcorn, movies, face masks – a total girl’s night.

What a great list! Now I am just wondering if they’d get along with each other if we had one massive Christmas party. It would sure be interesting!

Who are some of your favorite fictional friendships? Let me know!

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