11 things you need to know before Outlander Season 3

Droughtlander is almost officially over! And the internet is abuzz with spoilers, predictions and updates on our favorite time-travel, romantic adventures. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this season – having read the books and watched the first two seasons – and know there are some exciting things coming!

Confused by the picture of a pirate ship and the beach? Keep reading for some must-know items before the premiere.

But first let’s pick up where we left off at the end of Season 2… With Jaime facing death on Culloden Moor and Claire back in present day, trying to make a go of it with Frank and her unborn child in Boston.

Do you have goosebumps?! I do!

Here’s a few things you need to know about the upcoming season:

Jaime does not die at Culloden Moor. I repeat, Jaime is alive!

But he is headed off to prison as a traitor to the English crown which isn’t exactly ideal. The he’s stuck living in a cave for seven years… Jaime definitely got the wrong end of the deal.

Frank and Claire’s second chance – or third if we are getting technical – does not go well

I mean, did anyone really think it would? Claire is still clearly in love with Jaime, and Frank hasn’t forgiven her. They may reach a cold sort of truce, but the marriage is one of convenience for them both. Claire gets a father for Brianna, and Frank gets a child.

What else is going on in the twenty year gap?

Well, Frank is teaching in Boston, and Claire has taken her medical skills to a whole new level – yep, she’s a doctor! Something rather rare in the 1960s for a woman. We always knew she was tenacious.

Yes, Claire and Jaime do reunite – but don’t expect that for at least five episodes

First we have to see them attempt to live life on their own, and the names of the first five episodes make it seem like it’s not going to be pretty.

  • “The Battle Joined”
  • “Surrender”
  • “All Debts Paid”
  • “Of Lost Things”
  • “Freedom & Whisky” – I sense a little bit of hope here. Is this episode where we’;; see the infamous printing shop scene!

While it won’t be immediate, it will definitely be worth the wait! And Caitriona Balfe gave us another hint at their reunion with “I don’t think the sex is going to be as scarce as last season, shall we say?”


Let’s talk about the age thing…

We already got a glimpse of Claire’s transformation in Season 2 and this photo shoot by Entertainment Weekly shows a few wrinkles and gray hairs. But nothing too drastic. Don’t worry, Jaime will still be usual smoldering self.

Expect some familiar faces, the loss of a few favorites, and some new ones!

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers here, but you haven’t seen the last of some Scottish staples of seasons past. Think of your favorite fiery sister and the little blonde girl who almost had Claire burned as a witch.

RIP Murtagh.

You will also get to see two characters that aren’t technically new but all grown up: Fergus and John Grey!

Who’s the new girl standing dangerously close to a naked Jaime?!

Twenty years is a long time to remain celibate even to the women you love. But this pairing may not exactly be consensual and comes with some serious consequences for Jaime’s future.


A new setting – the beach!

While we’re not done in Scotland yet, a good portion of the new season will be an entirely new location. While the story takes place in Jamaica, the crew actually filmed in South Africa using the Black Sails set. Oh, and Jaime doesn’t do so well with seasickness.

What about Roger and Brianna?

The trailer doesn’t give much away besides a steamy kiss but this duo is a large part of the book – both in Claire’s search for Jaime and what happens to them after she returns through the stones.

Season 3 will stick very close to the book

And that’s straight from Diana Gabaldon’s mouth!


Heughan says it’s the strongest season yet!

Outlander returns Sunday, September 10 at 8 p.m. CST on Starz. Let me know what you guys think of the premiere!

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