11 Instagram poets and songwriters who master storytelling

Yes, I can tell a story in 100K words, but I really admire those poets and songwriters who can do it in 20 to 200.

Here are a few of my favorites…

NOTE: There was no possible way for me to include all genres, all mediums, or all times. Therefore, I stuck with more modern poets who continue to pop up on my social media feeds or iTunes playlist – making me smile, cry or sometimes both.

Instagram Poets

  • Tyler Knott Gregson (@tylerknott)

    My favorite modern poet – I have his book on my bedside table and five of his poems framed above my bed – Tyler has a quite the knack for poetry and photography. He has two series (typewriter poems and haikus) and you can follow him for a new poem each day!


  • Tony Ciampa (@emolabs)

    Nothing accompanies beautiful words like a serene setting, and Tony’s posts focus on combining the two for the perfect piece of art.


  • Erin Hanson (@thepoeticunderground)

    Similar to others, Erin – who goes by e.h – focuses mostly on typewriter poetry. But while Tyler focuses on the beauty of the words themselves, Erin’s poetry seems to focus on the emotion lying underneath.


  • Make Blackout Poetry (@makeblackoutpoetry)

    If I thought normal poetry was hard, this seems like an impossible yet fun task. Searching for good words within a page and creating a poem out of them? Sign me up!


  • Atticus (@atticuspoetry)

    Remaining anonymous, Atticus covers too main topics: love and destiny. But no matter what mood I am in, I always seem to find one of his poems to connect with.


  • Nikiti Gill (@nikita_gill)

    Ms. Gill is a new find for me, but the second I read her poem for “Mama” I was instantly hooked. Female poets are few and far between, and she focuses on her femininity to create her empowering masterpieces.




  • Taylor Swift

    Say what you will about her drama or her singing voice, but damn this girl can write a song. Each and every one of her singles conveys a depth of emotion that has her listeners saying “that’s exactly what I was trying to say!”


  • The Script

    They may not be dripping in hits like Ms. Swift, but I’ve been a fan since I listened to the song below. Their others are just as moving, and I encourage you to take a chance!


  • Eminem

    I’ll admit I am not a huge rap fan, but Eminem is a straight up poet. Anyone who plays around with rhyming and syllable count for fun (resulting in perfectly rhymed phrases like “transcendalistic tendencies” and “and bend all mystic sentence trees”) gets a mention here.


  • Ed Sheeran

    Known as the best singer/songwriter of this generation, I became obsessed with Ed’s music and lyrics after seeing him in concert with only his voice and a guitar. Each song tells a story – from a convenient and purely sexual relationship in “Don’t” to a tale of true love in “Thinking Out Loud.” The song below tells about his lifestyle and friends before he was famous and how it feels to return home.

  • The Fray

    Everyone who’s anyone has heard the song below, and it’s not even of my favorites. But it’s a significant testament to their songwriting prowess. Check out “You Found Me” and “Changing Tides” for a couple more great stories.


What songwriters/poets/short stories do you admire? Help me expand my list in the comments below!

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