Six Question Character Challenge: Meet the cast of State of Grace

There’s a tag challenge floating around social media, and (while I wasn’t technically tagged) I decided to jump on board. 

In order to complete the challenge, you must answer the following questions:

  1. What is your character’s contradiction? (If there isn’t one, there should be.)
  2. Which Myers-Briggs personality type do they identify with? (Take an abridged version of the test here).
  3. What is their favorite color? (And no, black and white are not colors.)
  4. How would they – hypothetically – slay a dragon? (Sidenote: There are no dragons in State of Grace but this has me wishing there were.)
  5. What is their darkest secret? (Again, every should character should have one.)
  6. Where do they see themselves in ten years? (Hopefully in a published novel…)

Of course, I couldn’t just pick just one character – it felt too much like playing favorites or Sophie’s Choice if I am being dramatic –  so I decided to give you all a sneak peek into the wide cast of personalities in State of Grace.  

Dani Anderson

reese-witherspoon-draper-james3Who is she? Nashville’s most successful, up-and-coming trial lawyer.

Contradiction: She throws 100% of herself into everything she does, but she only does one thing: work. Even though she alienates the people around her, she’s still lonely.

MBTI personality type: ISTJ “The Logistician”

Favorite color: Well, she would’ve said black and white before I said they didn’t count as colors. So I guess, she’ll go with gray just to be stubborn.

How she would slay a dragon: Argue until she convinces it to slay itself.

Her darkest secret: Dani tells people there’s no story surrounding her lack of family… But that’s not entirely true…

Where she sees herself 10 years: Senior partner at her firm. No time for anything else.

Josh Harper

472full-ian-somerhalderWho is he? Local musician and Dani’s love interest – if he can use his charm and wit to convince her to go out with him. 

Contradiction: While charismatic and laid back, Josh is fiercely protective of those he loves, desperate to save them from their flaws. The catch: they have to want to be saved.

MBTI personality type: ENFP “The Campaigner”

Favorite color: Navy blue – he’s been told it brings out his eyes. 

How he would slay a dragon: Lull it to sleep with his acoustic guitar and sneak away. (Think Harry Potter and Fluffy.)

His darkest secret: Despite his sex appeal, Josh is a ooey-gooey romantic at heart. His perfect date? Candlelight, wine and a little Frank (Sinatra that is). But not everyone is as emotionally developed, and he has a hard time understanding why others can’t move on from their issues. 

Where he sees himself 10 years: Touring around the country with his band, his woman, and his family. 

Abigail Brantley

54db6ad5b49b3_-_sev-abigail-breslin-2Who is she? 16-yr-old student at Nashville Academy and Dani’s newest client.

Contradiction: Takes the phrase “looking for love in all the wrong places” to a new level. 

MBTI personality type: INFP “The Mediator”

Favorite color: Carolina blue. Since age five, her room has been decorated with NC flags, jerseys and even a signed soccer ball. Go Tar Heels!

How she would slay a dragon: Does she have to kill it? Abigail would rather let it fly her away. 

Her darkest secret: Like most teenage girls, Abigail suffers from crippling insecurity, body issues and identity crises. But most teenage girls don’t also have a predatory teacher using these emotions to his advantage.  

Where she sees herself 10 years: Leading the US Women’s Soccer team to victory in the 2026 World Cup. If she can just get through high school. 

Ben Grady

benWho is he? Former frat-star and Dani’s legal clerk.

Contradiction: Ben is that kind of effortless smart. The one that can go out drinking all night and ace a test the next day. He’s used to skating by, but Dani won’t let that behavior go on for long.

MBTI personality type: ESTP “The Entrepreneur”

Favorite color: Yellow. Just because no one else seems to like it. 

How he would slay a dragon: Get him with a good joke. Laughing can kill, guys.

His darkest secret: Ben may seem lackadaisical at first, but he is desperate for approval and success, stemming from his parents’ demands to be perfect as a child. 

Where he sees himself 10 years: As successful as Dani. 

Father Ken

81d24321b7aa91835610e1912ae1f9f3Who is he? Headmaster and priest at Nashville Academy and Dani’s former teacher.

Contradiction: Some consider teachers and priests to have timid and reserved personalities. But Father Ken’s fire will be the first to prove you wrong. 

MBTI personality type: INFJ “The Advocate” (like his creator, me!)

Favorite color: All shades of green. On his daily nature walks, he likes to muse on how God was able to imagine everything we see. 

How he would slay a dragon: “Whoever takes a human (or dragon) life shall surely be put to death.” Leviticus 24:17.

His darkest secret: Business and religion do not often mix, and Father Ken’s effort to do both may mean other things – such as his students – have fallen through the cracks. 

Where he sees himself 10 years: He just can’t wrap his mind around retirement. But if Dani wins her case, he will be forced to resign & become the old man he’s been resisting. 

So are you pumped to meet them? Post below who you are most excited to read about in my upcoming novel, State of Grace.

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