Who Knew? Ten fun facts from my weekend research

What do poltergeists & TX Rangers have in common? What about running a restaurant & recovering from an abusive relationship?

The answer: My second novel!

This weekend, I spent my Saturday at the library and began researching everything I might need for my second novel, 700 Main. (Yes, I already have the title. The hardest part. Woohoo!)

IMG_0972.JPGFirst of all, the smell of the library is one of my most favorite things. Like old books, stale coffee, and inspiration.

I pulled books off the shelves with an unprecedented fervor, slowly getting to the point

where my arms were too full for any more. I found a secluded corner and began flipping through the pages.

One thing to note about the library: there is always a crazy person present, aggressively thumbing through books, muttering to herself, viciously scrawling notes.

Another lesson? If you can’t spot the crazy person in the library. It’s you. As if my random collection of books stacked around me wasn’t enough.

But I did learn a few interesting things from my research. And in order to get you all excited about novel #2, here they are:

  1. When Marble Falls, Texas – my hometown – was first founded – by Adam Rankin Johnson in 1887  – lots were sold for anything from $75 to $750.
  2. While most movies and books portray the Texas Rangers as badass cowboys fighting the more violent Native American communities, the Rangers were mostly involved in bring lawless Texans to justice during the later half of the 20th century.
  3. Apparently identifying a psychopath is as easy as thirteen simple questions. Curious? Take the test for yourself!
  4. Poltergeist is German for “noisy ghost” and are responsible for supernatural physical disturbances. See below… if you dare…Paranormal-Activity-2-2010.gif
  5. In Tennessee, fists and feet are not considered deadly weapons. If convicted of domestic abuse causing serious bodily injury, the perp can get away with only two years of jail time.
  6. If you are renovating a historic landmark, costs can be 10-20% higher than if you were renovating a non-historic building. But there are government programs available that will grant up to 40% of the cost.
  7. In 1896, all Texas Rangers were summoned to El Paso to prevent an illegal prize fight. This event led to the famous saying “One Riot, One Ranger.”
  8. Poltergeists-related hauntings are typically linked to specific places whereas other Canon_and_Ranger_monument_in_front_of_Texas_State_Capitol.JPGtypes of ghosts are more often linked to certain people.
  9. Pink granite from Marble Falls’ Granite Mountain was used to build the Texas capitol (pictured to the right) and a piece of marble was sent as Texas’ contribution to the Washington monument in D.C.
  10. Apparently, French/Southern fusion is not a thing in cooking. Just wait, everyone. Just wait.


I hope this little preview has everyone excited, and stay tuned for more updates. Also if anyone has an idea on how all these crazy factoids go together, please share!

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