Mad for #PitMad

Well yesterday I participated in my very first #PitMad.

“I’m sorry, you participated in WHAT?”

#PitMad. #PitchMadness. A Twitter party where aspiring authors tweet a manuscript pitch in 140 characters or less. If a literary agent likes your tweet, it’s an official invitation to send them your query letter and first few chapters.

Now the publishing world knows – and my small but pitiful pile of rejections screams at me every time I walk by – that getting an agent’s attention is hard. So this serves as a great way to pique interest and garner some hype around your work.

So wanna know how many likes I got on my tweets?capture

Drum roll, please…..

Zero. Nada, zilch, zip. I felt like a fisherman anxiously waiting for a bite, only to reel back in and realize your worm was gone.

But I can honestly say that I wasn’t too upset. I’ve been sending queries out right and left and even though this attempt falls into that aforementioned rejection pile, it doesn’t mean there won’t be a “yes” tomorrow.

And what was inspiring was seeing all the other writer’s who were getting likes, and all the amazing stories out there just waiting for their chance. Who knows how long those authors had been trying… I could wait a little longer.

But hopefully not too long… The next #PitMad party is December 1st, and you can bet I’ll be ready to go again.



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