Well, it’s official…

Last week, I introduced myself as a writer. Not an aspiring writer. Not “I want to be a writer.” Not “Well, I write on the weekends.” A writer.

I am a writer. How cool is that?!

Polishing off my 101,000 word manuscript earned me that title, and by golly, I am going to use it. In fact, it served as a catalyst for a long series of events, including rebooting my social media presence, launching this website, and frantically combing through “Acknowledgments” at Barnes and Noble for three hours to compile a list of potential agents. Oh, and this blog post.

I wanted to be able to share this process with all of my family, friends, and fans, so keep checking back for updates. I am starting to send out submissions this week, so fingers crossed!

And in case anyone asks, I’m officially a writer.

One thought on “Well, it’s official…

  1. Corby clark says:

    Congrats sweet girl! I heard from your mom that this was coming and I’m sooo impressed and can’t wait to read your book!! Best of luck with this!!


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