The 3 best (and worst) book to film adaptations

As an author, I can only imagine the thrill and excitement that comes when you get the phone call: Your book is going to be a movie!

It’s every author’s dream… Or is it?

The sad fact remains that most book to film adaptations are a flop. They lack the world building, the character development, the little charming details from the book, and they fall flat.


If you haven’t read the book, the movie is usually okay, even satisfying. But for avid readers like me, it seems to always be a let down.

This Friday marks the premiere date of Before I Fall – the film adaptation of one of my favorite books. And in honor of it’s release, I decided to compile a list of my three best and worst film adaptations.

The Best

  1. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    I actually surprised myself with picking this particular series. Usually with epic fantasy adventures like these, I am a firm believer that they should stay on the page (see Harry Potter below). But in this case, the casting was perfect, the world building enhanced, and the only thing missing was the long poetic paragraphs about the surroundings. Which frankly I was glad to do without.
  2. Pride and Prejudice
    I have a confession… I am a conflicted Jane Austen fan. Her stories? Heck yes! Her writing style? Kill me. So when I get to see the story played out on without the tedious and sometimes boring prose… Perfection. Plus, add Keira Knightley to anything and I am sold.
  3. Me Before You
    Emilia Clark made this movie. Her goofy, adorable portrayal of Louisa Clark gave the entire film life, and the rest of the movie fell perfectly into place. Bravo Hollywood! 

The Worst

  1. Gone Girl
    This is a prime example of the characters falling flat on their face in the movie adaptation. In the novel, Amy is enigmatic and surprising. Nick is mysterious and likable. The scenes are full of tension, and the twist really feels like a shock! But in the movie, everything is just blah and slightly disturbing.
  2. My Sister’s Keeper
    Stick to the book… Even Jodi Picoult agrees with me.


  3. Harry Potter series
    Everyone but me seemed to love these movies, and I think my almost- obsession is doing me a disservice. It was not the actors, directors or producers fault… But condensing the depth, details and development of several hundred thousand words into two hours is difficult to execute. I am a firm believer that the series would have been better served if it was adapted into a TV series à la Game of Thrones or Outlander. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

And as for Before I Fall… Let’s hope it lands in the first category!



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