Dear Americans…

Full disclosure: I voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election.

And man, I am so heartsick at being called a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, and anything other foul word that can be thrown out.

I voted for Mr. Trump because I support his policies on the economy, foreign relations, and national security. I do not support his offensive comments regarding some subsectors of our American citizens.

Just like Secretary Clinton’s supporters voted for her based on her respective policies. Probably not because of her thousands of missing emails or her campaign contribution from Saudi Arabia.

Look, I am a writer. That’s what this blog is about: writing.

I believe writing can bring us together. I also believe writing can tear us apart.

We’ve seen proof of that in social media and news outlets over the last two days.

I believe that this election’s results are partially a testament against Hillary Clinton but more so a testament to the rage against the liberal media, the Hollywood elite, the D.C. cartel and the scores of career politicians who have told us what we should think at the risk of being a “racist” or a “homophobe.”

I am neither of those things. This weekend, I am attending a wedding of two incredibly wonderful gay men, and I am speaking on the value of love and how these two men have been role models to me for the past eight years. On election night, I waited for the results with my very best friend of almost fifteen years who happens to be Hispanic.

But I would like to embrace my right as an American citizen to make up my own mind instead of being force-fed other people’s opinions.

America made up its mind on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning), and we are stuck with the outcome whether we like it or not.

So I beg you… Liberals and conservatives. Supporters of Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump…

Please don’t spread the hate. Please don’t use your words as a weapon.

#strongertogether #makeamericagreatagain

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